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02/19/2019 Red Creek MUD Regularly Scheduled Meeting

Notice of a regularly scheduled meeting of the Red Creek Municipal Utility District Board of Directors:

Meeting Date:                      February 19, 2018

Time:                                      6:30 p.m.

Place:                                     The Red Creek M.U.D. Office

                                                422 Red Creek Rd San Angelo, TX 76905


  1. Declaration of Quorum.
  2. Call Meeting to Order.
  3. Public Forum.
  4. Reports:
  5. Report from Operations & Maintenance Contractor:
  6. Problems encountered in the systems/operations/maintenance.
  7. Issues/preventative measures regarding weather related causes.
  8. Report from Engineer Contractor
  9. Texas Water Development Board bond application and other updates.
  10. Report from Office Manager:
  11. Status of office operations.
  12. Adjustments/corrections to the records.
  13. Billing adjustments.
  14. Approval of Board for meeting minutes of January 25, 2019 regularly scheduled meeting, to be signed by Secretary.
  15. Review and Acceptance of financial report.
  16. Discuss and approve budget changes.
  17. Approve payment of current bills as presented.
  18. Action items:
  19. Review unpaid closed accounts, discuss methods of obtaining payment (small claims, lien, collection agency), approve collection methods if applicable.
  20. Discuss and review current water rates.
  21. Discuss creating updated and revised water drought contingency plan.
  22. Discuss election or cancelling of upcoming election (2 positions) for May 4, 2019.
  23. Discuss action for account 191 Leonard Hillstead (large usage and balance).
  24. Discuss approval of Ron Kinslow to be inducted as fifth board member.
  25. 1.  $1,355,000 Series 2019 Waterworks System Revenue Bonds (the "Series 2019 Bonds"):
  26. Review and approve Private Placement Memorandum
  27. Adopt Order Authorizing Issuance of the Series 2019 Texas Water Development Board Bonds
  28. Approve and authorize execution of General Certificate, Signature Identification and No-Litigation Certificate and Tax Exemption Certificate
  29. Approve and authorize execution of letters to Attorney General and Comptroller of Public Accounts
  30. Approve and authorize execution of Paying Agent/Registrar Agreement and Escrow Agreements with UMB Bank
  31. Authorize Notice of Redemption
  32. Approve and authorize execution of all other documents and authorize financial advisor, bond counsel, engineer, underwriter and all officers of the Board to take all other necessary actions in connection with the sale and issuance of the Series 2019 Bonds


  1. Adjournment

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