Current Projects

Look here to find information on current projects happening in our community to enhance your water service. 

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Standpipe Undergoing Maintenance

During the January Board of Directors meeting, an approval for bids regarding the recoating of our district standpipe will be made. 

The project will entail recoating of the district standpipe. A temporary storage tank will be used while the standpipe is drained for maintenance. 

The time frame for this project is expected to be roughly between 2-3 months. 

Office Water Tank Undergoing Maintenance

The water tank located at the Red Creek MUD office has undergone maintenance. Customers may have recently noticed a period of time that the tank in question was drained of water. 

The maintenance performed was cleaning, painting, and coating the inside of the tank in question. This was completed in the month of May 2017. The tank has been inspected and tested to ensure all work was done properly and the tank is sanitary to continue providing water to our customers. 

The tank in question has been refilled and is now functional. 

New Meters for Red Creek MUD

During Red Creek MUD's January regularly scheduled meeting, the Board of Directors unanimously voted in favor of purchasing new meters for our district.

The meters are a much needed update to our system that the Board feels will be immensly beneficial to our customers. The new meters will be set up with radio transmitters to enable "drive by readings", instead of the manual readings that currently take place every month. The Board feels that this will greatly save time and expense for the readings of the meter, as well as enhance the quality of water service to our customers.

This upgrade of meters will be taking place over the next few months. Each customer will have their current meter replaced with a 3/4" iPerl Meter and a 520M SP Radio for electronic reading.

We at Red Creek MUD are sincerely excited for this upgrade to our customer's meters, and hope that this upgrade will enhance our service quaility for everyone.

Hydropnueumatic Tank Replacement

Red Creek MUD is undergoing a replacement for the water tank located on Bristow Road. The contract signing and approval for this replacement took place in our November 2014 monthly board meeting.

The decision to undergo a replacement was based off of a review of the current water tank that showed deficiencies and lack of accessibility for maintenance and repairs.

The Red Creek MUD board of directors unanimously decided that an updated replacement of the water tank on Bristow Road would be beneficial to our customers, and would eliminate several issues regarding maintenance and accessability.

Red Creek MUD Launches a New Website!

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