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08/21/2018 Red Creek MUD Regularly Scheduled BOD Meeting

Notice of a regularly scheduled meeting of the Red Creek Municipal Utility District Board of Directors:

Meeting Date:                      August 21, 2018

Time:                                      6:30 p.m.

Place:                                     The Red Creek M.U.D. Office

                                                422 Red Creek Rd San Angelo, TX 76905


  1. Declaration of Quorum.
  2. Call Meeting to Order.
  3. Public Forum.
  4. Reports:
  5. Report from Operations & Maintenance Contractor:
  6. Problems encountered in the systems/operations/maintenance.
  7. Issues/preventative measures regarding weather related causes.


  1. Report from Engineer Contractor
  2. Texas Water Development Board bond application and other updates.


  1. Report from Office Manager:
  2. Status of office operations.
  3. Adjustments/corrections to the records.
  4. Billing adjustments.
  5. Approval of Board for meeting minutes of July 17, 2018 regularly scheduled meeting, to be signed by Secretary.
  6. Review and Acceptance of financial report.
  7. Discuss and approve budget changes.
  8. Approve payment of current bills as presented.
  9. Action items:
  10. Review unpaid closed accounts, discuss methods of obtaining payment (small claims, lien, collection agency).
  11. Review and discuss possible motions for account 450 Brandon Palmer, account 277 Beatrice Garcia, and account 352 Kyle Donaldson.
  12. Review 2017-2018 fiscal year tax rate, make proposal.
  13. Review and discuss annual renewal for SCADA system.
  14. Review and discuss annual renewal for AIA Insurance.
  15. Discuss possible change of Drought Stage (currently stage 3).
  16. Discuss possible update of district service application.
  17. Discuss information of flush valves with Ben Wiese (Operator).
  18. Discuss update to monthly bank transfer regarding USDA loan payments.
  19. Review and approve engagement letter for annual audit (Armstrong & Backus).


  1. Adjournment

***To download and print a copy of this agenda, go to "News  & Notices", then click on "Board Meetings"***