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05/21/2019 Red Creek MUD Regularly Scheduled Board Meeting

Meeting Date: May 21, 2019
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Place: The Red Creek M.U.D. Office
422 Red Creek Rd San Angelo, TX 76905
1. Declaration of Quorum.
2. Call Meeting to Order.
3. Public Forum.
4. Reports:
A. Report from Operations & Maintenance Contractor:
1. Problems encountered in the systems/operations/maintenance.
2. Issues/preventative measures regarding weather related causes.
B. Report from Engineer Contractor
1. Texas Water Development Board bond application and other updates.
C. Report from Office Manager:
1. Status of office operations.
2. Adjustments/corrections to the records.
3. Billing adjustments.
4. Discuss current Drought Stage and possible changes.
5. Approval of Board for meeting minutes of April 16, 2019 regularly scheduled meeting, to be signed by Secretary.
6. Review and Acceptance of financial report.
7. Discuss and approve budget changes.
8. Approve payment of current bills as presented.
9. Action items:
A. Review unpaid closed accounts; discuss methods of obtaining payment (small claims, lien, collection agency), approve collection
methods if applicable.
B. Discuss changes to meter lock security:
-Discuss purchasing meter locks to prevent tampering/water theft.
-Discuss possibility of meter tampering alert systems.
-Discuss utilizing recording devices for maintenance staff.
C. Discuss water theft by non-customers and access to property of non-billed sites.
D. Update to water theft case (8534 Rust Rd. Tract 113RC) presented by Kimberly Francis.
D. Discuss current petty cash available and possible changes.
E. Discuss possible changes to office security (both records and personnel).
F. Discuss possible transfer of credit/debit card processing service (currently BankCardUSA)
G. Discuss billing process in SOP and customer deposit amounts in SOP.
H. Review submitted draft of Capital Improvement Plan (D. Fentress Engineer).
10. Adjournment.


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